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Tsunami Diamond
Murrieta, CA
Basil Childers
Tulsa, OK
Angie Rainbow G
Tulum, Mexico
Joe McVeen
Tulum, Mexico
Julia Diamond
Berlin, Germany
Jay Essadki
Denver, CO
Aaron Iverson
Grass Valley, CA
SEEDS Earth Day
Ascendia XR
Tribalize Summit
Tulum Q.R. MX
May 13 - May 16
Harmonizing Humanity Summit
Ascendia XR
Jul 24 - Jul 27
ASCENDIA XR & The World Blockchain Hackathon
Tsunami Diamond

ASCENDED is excited to be partnering with the World Blockchain Hackathon to bring Babylon Project V2, the world's largest virtual hackathon into our Ascendia XR Metaverse for this year's month-long global blockchain hackathon.

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The call for a global transition toward regenerative ways of life is amplifying at an exponential rate. Communities, businesses and movements all over the world are echoing visions of similar flavor: visions of living in harmony with nature and one another, of living in communities filled with diversity and equal opportunity, and visions of living in a way that honors the children of the future.

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