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Welcome to Ascended, the hub for your conscious lifestyle and ascension journey. 


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Find events and retreats listed by community members and Ascended app users. Submit your own listings under Connect Submissions & Requests. Click Ascended Spaces to uncover a series of high vibrational spaces that optimize for ascension experiences. Find local SEEDS partners in the area that accept Seeds in exchange for merchandise and services. Expand your mind with a library of Ascended TV series aimed at building a harmonious and regenerative future with one another as well as our Mother Earth.



Find Ascenders & SEEDizens to connect with in the 3D physical realm or dive into Ascendia’s XR Worlds and explore our XR spaces curated to promote play, connection and collective manifestation. Our Discord Servers are also available for you to stay tuned in to community conversation so you don’t miss a beat of the conscious evolution at hand.


The power of this app is the collective movement that fuels it! 


Stay involved in the evolution of the platform and use the Submissions & Requests section to spread the word about your upcoming event, attract SEEDizens to your business as a New SEEDS Partner, or book spaces for events within Ascended XR. You can also share your high vibrational audio content, submit your TV Channel to the app, as well as submit requests for improving the collective’s experience in the app, XR worlds, or otherwise. 

Feeling called to become an Ascender? Apply to unlock all that Ascended has in store for the global community of New Earth Builders, Innovators, Wisdom Keepers, and Wayshowers.




Discover the Ascended Radio woven together with uplifting, high vibrational songs of the New Earth intended to fuel and inspire your personal part in the larger mission. Explore a series of audio experiences and podcasts curated to assist you along your journey of awakening, integration and purpose-discovery - or tune inward and explore one of the app's meditations for relaxation, manifestation, or ascension. Discover the frequencies of Ascended living and enhance your daily experience with balance, harmony, restoration, and more.



Enhance your understanding and expand your mind by uncovering the mechanisms and opportunities behind the New Earth systems and platforms of Ascended DHO, ASCENDIA, and SEEDS.



We are all players in this intricate and synchronistic game of life. Browse a series of quests and roles that serve the development of the New Earth and aid in creating an Ascended future for humanity. Complete them to receive real value in the form of USD, SEEDS, and more! Explore Ascendia XR and connect with other players through live events and experiences.