ASCENDIA XR & The World Blockchain Hackathon

Written on 04/05/2021
Tsunami Diamond

ASCENDED is excited to be partnering with the World Blockchain Hackathon to bring Babylon Project V2, the world's largest virtual hackathon into our Ascendia XR Metaverse for this year's month-long global blockchain hackathon. 

This year's hackathon will feature a new twist as Ascended push's the limits of virtual immersion within our Ascendia XR Metaverse to provide the global teams participating a far more immersive experience similar to the real world vs last years discord platform experience. 


Ascendia XR powered by Ozone Universe XR Cloud Engine delivers the world's best experience in virtual reality on the web. While accessible using any web browser and VR as well, the quality of the experience delivered by the platform is truly unmatched in the industry and is guaranteed to take this hackathon experience to the next level.

As the cradle of civilization, Babylon is a symbol of what people can achieve when there is unity and intent to build.

The Babylon Project is a series of virtual Blockchain hackathons with thousands of global participants & sponsors.

We're creating an international community/ecosystem that empowers awesome builders by providing & democratizing access to knowledge, capital, and mentorship. Educate, empower, and elevate the next generation of builders.

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