Why Seeds? Why Now?

Written on 02/03/2021
Chanti Soleil

In August of 2018, a spark was set off that would light the flame for millions of youth across the globe to protest as part of a larger movement Fridays For Future - initiated by Greta Thunberg at the age of just 15. The effort pushed politicians to make radical changes in the allocation of their money and focus on the regeneration of the planet that has become increasingly harder to live on. 

Despite their efforts, small if any changes have been made and carbon emissions continue to rise. While it may be easy to look at the morals of these people who have refused to help with judgment, it is far more useful to look at what has shaped their morals - or lack thereof. 

Outside of just politicians, what has kept billions of people engaging in practices that are known to be harmful to the larger collective? 

It is not because humans are inherently careless and uncooperative. In fact, it is our very ability to cooperate that has allowed us to evolve to where we are now. The issue lays in the one thing we collectively decide to value - not the initiatives themselves - but the intermediary - the money.

Our current financial system is so blindly adopted that trillions of dollars continue to go missing from the Government budget including an alleged $21 trillion between 1998 and 2015. Furthermore, oil and gas companies are subsidized trillions of dollars and industrial agriculture is subsidized so they can continue on with degenerative practices that erode our topsoil and decrease the overall nutrients in our food. 

When the systems in place are no longer representative of our values as a society, including the future of our children and the health of our bodies and ecology, an invitation arises. We are invited to re-evaluate the system in which we are consciously or unconsciously trusting with our life savings, our personal and ecological well-being, and the future of our beloved and irreplaceable earth.

Everything we need is already in place to take a leap - the technology, the initiatives for a more regenerative way of living, the collective will to make a change. The last piece of the puzzle was the way these things were connected and integrated into a collectively-beneficial money system. That system is SEEDS. 

SEEDS is a term for the regenerative movement and economy while Seeds refers to the Currency used. 

SEEDS is fundamentally structured as a regenerative currency that actually benefits you as you use it rather than charging you fees. Modeled after nature, it resembles more of a fungal network in which each node connected to every other node in the system and thus taking into account the needs of the whole before moving forward as one cohesive being - rather than a pyramid where the primary weight of voice is given to the tip-top of the system. 

SEEDS currency values collaboration and gives voice back to the people for important decisions such as allocation of grants. The economy actually rewards you for engaging in activity that supports a regenerative future by creating a series of positive feedback loops for ecological and community growth.

In this time of massive planetary shifts, we have a choice now more than ever to sustain or regenerate. We can choose to fight against the old paradigm or engage with the solutions. 

All societies of our past have been faced with a time in which they can choose to tread the path that has been traveled by the many before them or to take a leap into the next evolution of society in faith that they are capable of finding greener, fresher ground. 

As Marianne Williamson wrote in A Politics of Love, “Our political challenges are mere symptoms of a deeper malaise and a deeper dysfunction. Humanity itself is being challenged to move on to the next stage of our evolution.”

For the children of our future, for our ecology, economy, communities, and for ourselves, let us choose evolution for today and the rest of our days.