Welcome to Ascended

Written on 02/03/2021

The call for a global transition toward regenerative ways of life is amplifying at an exponential rate. Communities, businesses and movements all over the world are echoing visions of similar flavor: visions of living in harmony with nature and one another, of living in communities filled with diversity and equal opportunity, and visions of living in a way that honors the children of the future. 

However, much of the development toward building a new world has taken place within the old centralized business and governing systems that are built for only a few to gain and rule. Thus, many people have been working separately on similar projects, limiting their overall ability to make an impact. 

Ascended is a decentralized framework for co-creation & governance of people, organizations, projects and alliances; developing properties, products, media and experiences in a cohesive ecosystem designed for building a New Earth & accelerating Humanities Ascension.

Our Mission is to birth & nurture a global ecosystem of Ascended Spaces at unique locations around the world by providing a holonic & holistic system for the development, governance, and fractional ownership of these spaces combined with a full-scope holistic installation within villages of developing nations for each Ascended Space that is developed.

The Ascended DHO (Decentralized Human Organization) provides a template for this perpetually growing ecosystem of New Earth co-creation. While maintaining the decentralization and transparency that traditional DAOs (Decentralized Automated Organizations) are known for, DHOs bring the human back into the center of the equation rather than coding them out through automation.

In order to bring forth the greatest change for all of humanity in a time that we need it most, it will take a combination of unification and decentralization. By unifying together under one cohesive platform which is built to perpetually promote action on a global scale we can begin to actively take part in shaping the future that we all want and need to see. The systems on the planet which are currently collapsing have run their course for long enough. It’s time to begin shifting to new systems designed to decentralize power and promote wellbeing for all.