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Written on 05/07/2021



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We are proud to be offering a 360-degree lifestyle membership that offers its members unprecedented on-and-offline services, products, and experiences within our ever-expanding global ecosystem designed to positively impact your life & the planet. 

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By stepping into Membership during the Genesis Launch, you get exclusive access to the presale round of Ascended Token (ASND) which ends June 7th, while supplies last.  As a reward for your founding membership, you'll be offered up to 20-30% more value for your contribution depending on your chosen vesting period.

The Ascended Token is launching at a value of $12/ASND. There will only ever be 144,000,000 ASND in existence which will be released in 12 rounds over the next 3 years.  During this first round, a maximum of 12,000,000 ASND will be available exclusively to our members until our next round of release in Q3 2021 at the launch of our token along with our #hashbank wallet, and debit card for ease of use within our ecosystem & beyond. Don't miss this opportunity to participate in the most exciting token launch the world's ever seen.

Our mission is to accomplish the 26 E+SDGs™ by 2030 by creating & nurturing a global ecosystem of Ascended Communities at unique locations around the world, to serve as lighthouses for future generations. While connecting and empowering an ecosystem of global change-makers to participate in and benefit from a digital & physical world that supports the financial, environmental, economic, and social welfare of all.

Ascender Referral Program:

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(Silver = 5 ASND, Gold = 11 ASND, Diamond = 44 ASND)

Please only refer people who you feel are in alignment with our mission and values.

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(If you want to become a member but don't have the resources available for a membership or are a non-profit organization, please apply for a free scholarship on the Ascended membership application page by clicking the button below)