Launching Our Ascended Citizen NFTs & AXP Token

Written on 05/17/2022

A Citizenship For an Ascended Life

We’ve been busy working on lots of exciting things behind the scenes for our global community and now it’s finally time to activate our ecosystem and begin The Ascended Game of Life!

We’ve created the ultimate lifestyle membership to provide our citizens with the most ascended things the world has to offer along with a Web3 technology stack to provide seamless co-creation & rewards. Our citizenship will begin with the activation of our Quests, Roles, Events, Airdrops & Giveaways and will continue to expand with more ways to earn and ascend as you play the Ascended Game of Life.

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New Announcements

We are launching our Citizen NFT Collection & AXP Reward Token.

We are launching our ASCENDED DAO Ecosystem with 12 Sub DAOs.

Partnership with Earth Dollar for $1b of Natural Capital Assets to be injected into our ecosystem to back our treasury.

Will receive a land allocation of up to 200 acres for an Ascendia within The City of Atlantis development project in Las Vegas.

Strategic partnership with Goldfingr Investor Network which includes a master node within the Goldfingr platform. Providing us with a social wallet and banking system for our token along with investor deal flows.

Partnership with 500 Startups to launch an Ascended New Earth Fund to help fund and accelerate impact projects within our ecosystem.

Partnership with Being AI for Ascended Intelligence System

Partnership with MUON Blockchain for Cross-Chain System Formed strategic partnership with Utherverse the leader in Metaverse infrastructure and the holder of all of the patents for the Metaverse.

Hosted World Blockchain Hackathon in Ascendia XR. The month-long hackathon featured blockchain teams from over 100 countries.

Hosted Wow Summit, Dubai’s biggest Web3 Conference in Ascendia XR.

Launching soon our clothing line, made out of organic fabrics blended with 96 Crystals & Minerals for EMF protection & lightbody activation.

In the process of developing movie scripts for “The Ascenders” Movies.

Launching soon our Ascended Spaces platform: The New Earth AirBnB

We are preparing to launch our ASCENDED iOS & Android App


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