We will be reuniting at Totality Festival with soul family connecting with tribe, diving deep into transformation, building community, and celebrating. This is a four-day transformational festival dedicated to raising the vibration of humanity through love, music, meditation, play, and awareness.
ASCENDED is excited to be partnering with the World Blockchain Hackathon to bring Babylon Project V3, the world's largest virtual hackathon into our Ascendia XR Metaverse again for this year's month-long global blockchain hackathon. This year we will push the limits further for this virtual hackathon immersion within our Ascendia XR Metaverse to provide the global teams participating the best experience possible as they build cutting-edge blockchain solutions.
Art With Me
Nov 25 - Nov 27
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Art With Me Miami event is an international arts, music and cultural festival, offering experiences across a multitude of highly creative platforms that immerse, inspire, and activate its attendees and followers. Come take a journey with our Ascended Tribe and enjoy a complete experience through Art With Me's six core pillars: art, music, culinary,  wellness, culture and education.