The Ancestral Mother

Max Dashu speaks with Joanna about: 50 years of questioning patriarchy and systems of domination and reclaiming the matricultures; searching the history of indigenous cultures before the European colonizations; studying the cultural patterns of what we call patriarchy; the whore labeling, a patriarchal way of discrediting women; divide and conquer, the basic principle of systemic domination; the Mosuo culture of Yunnan, one of the most egalitarian societies on the planet; the historical - not inevitable - process of patriarchalization; a massive pattern across cultures of women, primarily, making clay figurines in the image of the ancestral Mother, the primary pattern of Paleolithic and Neolithic; scriptural religions carriers for the memes of patriarchal thinking; the shared culture of the Great Mother; the fight of the Wet'suwet'en Nation for their ancestral and spiritual rights as land guardians; coming back to core spiritual principles in defense of Earth and life; Chaos and Wisdom, an ancient, sacred mystery rediscovered by the new science of chaos theory; decolonizing ourselves and reclaiming our pathways back to Mother Nature.