Today’s episode features Allurement -- a power of the universe that gives rise to attraction, intimacy, healing and growth.

 In this episode Brian discusses how responding to allurement transformed hydrogen atoms into stars and deepened the intimacy between the Earth and the Sun through the development of chlorophyll.   

Also explored is the invention of vertebrate sexuality and how excitement for existence is encoded into our genetic makeup.  

Finally, Brian shares two ways we might enable the power of allurement to become activated in our own lives, by connecting with the wild nature of our beloved and through deep adoration toward that which draws us in. 


Welcome to the Journey of the Universe podcast, where we explore humans’ place in the 14-billion-year history of the universe, the role we play here on Earth, and how we may connect to the intricate web of life to create a flourishing future.

This season we are featuring segments from Brian Thomas Swimme’s Powers of the Universe series, a captivating exploration of the powers coursing through the Universe and each of us. This immersive series contains amazing insights that will forever change how you think about being human.

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