Unlocking the Emotion Code & Third Eye Vision with Frank Elaridi #398

Spiritual healer, award-winning journalist, and third eye trainer, Frank Elaridi is a fully embodied being who defies boxed in labels. By following his intuition and signs from the universe, he became the first content creator to document the mysterious and magical third eye phenomena that has cropped up all over the globe. 

With his incredibly successful YouTube channel and gifts for removing deeply rooted blocks, Frank Elaridi straddles the role of media magnate and spiritual healer with such grace. In this episode, recorded from the Modern Nirvana conference (which Frank also co-founded), we unpack the lessons learned from his spiritual journey. 

07:03 — The Journey to Now 

40:35 — Spiritual Awakening 

  • Letting go of meaning 
  • Transformative trip reports
  • Meeting his passing cousin in ceremony 
  • The inexplicable expansiveness of Bufo
  • Connections with wildlife

1:16:03 — The Emotion Code in Action 

1:58:49 — Modern Nirvana

  • How Modern Nirvana was conceived 
  • The future of the event 
  • How Leela Quantum Tech is helping him manifest 

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