Ketamine Therapy & the Psychedelic Medicine Revolution w/ Zappy Zapolin #393

During the Meet Delic conference last year, the universe put film director and psychedelic concierge Zappy Zapolin on my radar. I immediately sensed a depth to his story and message and knew I had to get him on the mic. Let’s just say my intuition did not disappoint. 

In this enlightening conversation, Zappy and I shut out the white noise to explore how psychedelics can break open the doors to heal trauma, depression, and even suicidal thoughts. We exchange wild trip reports involving everything from giant french fries to childbirth, and explore how modern science can utilize Mother Nature’s medicinal tools to balance the human ecosystem at large. 

04:51 —  Psychedelics On the Big Screen

  • The personal crisis that led Zappy to psychedelics 
  • Working with Michelle Rodriguez in Peru 
  • Ketamine as the psychedelic gateway to spiritual growth 
  • The making of Lamar Odom: Reborn

13:17 — Working Outside Space + Time 

  • Present moment awareness
  • Exploring gender in God + Mother Ayahuasca 
  • Zappy’s takeaways from facilitating ceremonies 
  • Finding proof of a higher power 
  • Trip report share

34:32 — The Existence of Evil 

  • Accepting duality and leaning into God’s work
  • Examining humanity through a filter 

46:29 — Examining Ketamine 

  • Why ketamine is more natural than you think 
  • How the delivery of ketamine can change your experience 
  • Ketamine and addiction 
  • Activating a gratitude practice 
  • Modern science joining hands with psychedelics 

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