Why Fixing Mineral Balance w/ Hair Testing & Nano Minerals is Priority #1 feat. Barton Scott #402

Barton Scott is a biochemist, nutritionist, and researcher. For the past six years, he’s worked as the Founder and Product Developer behind Upgraded Formulas, where he reconstructs minerals to better absorb into your cells. It’s an absolutely incredible feat of technology and science.  We talk about what sparked his interest in minerals, the quantifiable differences between Upgraded Formulas nano minerals and other formulations, the shortcomings of blood testing and why, in his opinion, hair analysis is superior for mineral and heavy metal testing. 

We also learn about the most dangerous heavy metal toxicities that you might not know you have – and how to use minerals to detoxify them, the link between minerals, addiction, and ADHD, and how minerals can help foster EMF resilience. Bring a pen and notepad for this one.

And in the very likely scenario that you find yourself wanting to get a test done and pick up some of Barton’s fantastic products after listening to this, visit upgradedformulas.com and use code LUKE for 15% off your first order.

14:50 — The Background of Upgraded Formulas

  • Developing an interest in minerals
  • Wanting to keep his parents healthy in old age
  • We can still be mineral deficient taking supplements
  • The multifaceted benefits of improved gut health
  • The relationship between magnesium and other minerals
  • Upgraded Formulas

50:44 — Hair Mineral Tests

  • How to get a hair mineral analysis
  • Why hair testing is so much more accurate than blood testing
  • Get your Upgraded Test Hair Kit + Consultation
  • Analyzing Alison’s hair mineral test results

1:37:31 — How Minerals Affect Various Illnesses

  • The link between mineral levels, ADHD, and addiction
  • The mineral signature of ADHD
  • Other benefits of magnesium

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