Mandate Madness: How to Reclaim Your Sovereignty w/ CA Gubernatorial Candidate Reinette Senum #401

Reinette Senum is a natural leader. She's traveled to nearly 60 countries and has an incredible ability to connect to those around her, no matter where she is or who she's speaking with.

In a true one-of-a-kind feat, she crossed Alaska, alone, in the winter of 1994. The lessons she learned along the trail became the catalyst for her later community work. Since then, she’s protested against corruption and greed for decades and has twice served as a city council member and mayor of her hometown of Nevada City, California. 

In the summer of 2020, she stepped down from her third term on the city council because she saw a higher calling for leadership at a larger scale. She’s currently running for California governor with no party affiliation, deploying the first child-centric campaign in history.

In this episode, Reinette discusses her plan to restore California, the dangers of mandates and governmental overreach, and the incredible details of her trek across Alaska.

08:17 — Becoming the First Woman to Cross Alaska Alone in Winter

  • The death of Reinette’s adopted mother
  • Joining a South Pole expedition team
  • Finding out what you’re made of
  • Dealing with doubt
  • Coaching yourself through the impossible
  • Nearly freezing to death
  • Getting completely lost
  • Accepting Mother Nature’s gift

35:49 — Reinette’s Political Background

  • Being elected to city council and Mayor of Nevada City, California
  • Co-founding the Sierra Roots homeless advocacy group
  • From homeless shelter to homeless village

39:30 — The Politics of the Pandemic

  • Seeing the government’s response to the coronavirus
  • The unlawfulness of statewide mandates
  • Being put under pressure to resign
  • Starting Reinette Senum’s Chew On This
  • Stepping down to step up
  • What motivated Reinette to run for governor
  • The Democrat vs. Republican scam
  • The Seventh Generation principle
  • Changing the system at every level of government

1:25:40 — Finishing Up Reinette’s Alaska Story

  • Finding her birth name and identity
  • Following her family’s invisible legacy
  • The greatest military figure you’ve never heard of
  • The origins of eminent domain

1:39:32 — The Blueprint for a Better California & Better World

  • Fighting the push for 5G
  • Focusing on regenerative farming and repairing our damaged soil
  • Creating an education system that inspires us to think for ourselves
  • Making a better world for the children
  • The Foghorn Express

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