Everyone Is Creative: Just Ask Your Vagina!

This is the ultimate creative power of the universe and it flows through  you.

Instead of tuning into this ad riding this wave, most people are totally disconnected from and have disowned this power.

All of my work is about helping you get it back.

“Unexpressed creativity is not benign. It metastasizes”
~ Brene Brown 

I say the same thing about your sexual energy: whatever you aren’t expressing and owning, inverts back on you and creates all kinds of stagnation and blockage in your life.

In today’s episode:

  • Are creatives born or made?
  • The fastest way to achieve creative genius
  • The connection between the deeper vaginal orgasms and being divinely inspired
  • Sex and self-actualization
  • #poweredbyvagina is the mantra I live by. How I create my own life–via my vagina
  • Three techniques to activate your creative and orgasmic brilliance

Plus, we have THREE Well-F**ked All Stars today sharing on how they have fuelled their creative projects and lives.

With their orgasms and vaginas.

My legendary Vaginal Kung Fu Salon is now open for registration until tomorrow—Friday February 4th at midnight PST.

In this 8-week online salon, I've compiled the best of my 30 years of sexual and vaginal experience (!) to take you over the edge into a lifetime of bliss. We cover everything talked about in today’s episode, from yoni massage to how to use the jade yoni egg, to activating your feminine energy as the receiver in your life—all of which bring you into your creative genius.

You'll learn:

  • How to have a toned, orgasmic and ecstatic vagina;
  • How to channel your sexual energy into creative power
  • Step-by-step instructions for your vaginal weight lifting practice, thereby putting yourself in the running for the Guinness Record for world’s strongest vagina;
  • My guided routine for giving yourself, or having your partner give you, a healing and activating yoni massage.
  • How to give your man a hand job. With your vagina.

Come and get it.

After tomorrow, it's gone until 2023!